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Starter kit - large

Starter kit - large

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Small Sandpaper letters with boxes art no. 1024, Small Movable Alphabet, red art no. 1043, Small Movable Alphabet, blue art no. 1040, Box for Small Movable Alphabet art no. 1044
The Pink Tower art no. 2001, Set for The Pink Tower art no. 2001S, Geometric Solids incl. bases and wooden box art no. 2008, Cylinder blocks art no. 2011, Red Rods art no. 2040, Geometric cabinet art no. 2015, Geometric cards art no 8 , Sound boxes art no. 2027, Touch tablets art no. 2044, Baric tablets art no. 2020, Taste exercise art no. 2025, First Color box art no. 2012, Second Color box art no. 2013, Stereognostic bag (2x) art no. 2046, Blindfold art No. 2032,
Counting rods art no. 4025, Number cards art no. 4025S, Binomial cube art no. 2006, Spindle boxes art no. 4024, Sandpaper numbers with box art no. 4001, Introduction to the Decimal system art no. 4002, 100 chain art no. 4021E, 1000 chain art no 4021F, Arrows to the 100 chain and the 1000 chain art no. 4021G, the Small Bead Box art no. 4017, The Bank complete art no. 4018, The Small Abacus art no. 4022, the 100 board art no. 4007,
Map puzzle Continents item no. 5012A, Continents globe item no. 5013, World globe land and water no. 5014
Practical life
5 selectable clothes frames art no. 30041-300412 and 1 stand for dressing frames art no. 3005


The picture shows only a small part.

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