About us

As the owner of BEA-pedagogik, I have many years of experience as a teacher and special education teacher in primary school. I am also a trained educator in Montessori. BEA-pedagogik stands for Children's Own Work, or Barnens Eget Arbete in Swedish.

The field of Montessori is close to me personally. I believe that you have to work with your body to ensure learning with your head. Students can return to work with the hands-on material several times until they learn. The material is always there at the convenience of the student.

The material can be used by all children, starting from preschool up through primary school. This can be essential for children in special education. I have also noticed increases in concentration in students who normally have a hard time with more abstract approaches to learning.

Modern research supports the educational approach of Maria Montessori. Hands-on material strengthens the child's own thinking  abilities when they connect the practical to the abstract.

At our exhibition you can test our high quality, fine educational material.